Michael Frederick MD

Le Spa Plastic SurgeryHarvard Trained and Board Certified

Dr. Mike specializes in cosmetic surgery tailored to your specific goals. He combines his innovative world class training at Harvard with discriminating eye and artistry to achieve the best possible result for each individual. Patients repeatedly express that they knew instantly that they had met a special, caring, and uniquely talented surgeon, that above all else would listen to their needs and work with them to achieve their ideal image. As with everything he does, Dr. Frederick brings a constant pursuit of perfection to his surgeries. He loves plastic surgery because of its powerful effects on self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall well-being. His patients love plastic surgery for the same reasons, though many might not realize it before surgery, they certainly recognize this afterwards.

Le Spa Plastic SurgeryOn a journey that began on a 60-acre avocado farm just north of Santa Barbara, California, Dr. Frederick grew up outdoors and surrounded by natural beauty. Though his involvement in sailing, scuba diving, competitive swimming and waterpolo had influenced his decision to major in marine biology, his long term plan made a radical shift in vision when his older sister Stacey was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer as a carrier of the BRCA 2 gene. After watching his sister lose her fight with this disease, and witnessing the devastating effects it has on one’s body and ultimately one’s mind; Dr. Frederick knew that reconstructive plastic surgery was his calling. 

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, he attended medical school at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco, notably ranked third in the country. There, he was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship and received research grants to study transplant immunology, which would help him later in life as he participated on the plastic surgery team in two of the world’s first face transplantations at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Frederick was the ideal candidate to take part in complex medical cases such as these, as he had graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the highest final adjective of “Superior”.

Le Spa Plastic SurgeryDr. Frederick attended Harvard University for his plastic surgery training, and was selected by the faculty to serve as the first Chief Resident at the renowned Massachusetts General Hospital. While there he authored several articles, including cosmetic plastic surgery book chapters and publications in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Annals of Plastic Surgery. Additionally, he was invited to speak on novel surgical techniques at several national plastic surgery meetings.

Le Spa Plastic SurgeryIn addition to his training at Harvard, he studied at The Pitanguy Clinic in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, learning the most advanced techniques in aesthetic surgery. “Cookie cutter plastic surgery just doesn’t work anymore,” says Dr. Frederick. “Modern concepts have completely changed the approach to plastic surgery from strictly excision (taking away) to now sculpting, shaping and transforming bodies, much like Michelangelo. The most important thing to me is listening to the patient, understanding what their goals are and then creating that vision. When people feel good about their image it positively impacts every aspect of their lives,” Dr Frederick says. “They stand taller, walk with purpose and enter a room with confidence. My goal as a plastic surgeon is to help my patients be their best selves.”