Breast Revision / Reconstruction in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Please call 754-277-4120 to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Michael Frederick also serves the surrounding Broward County towns of Weston, Hollywoood and Cooper City. We also welcome patients from the Miami area, including Aventura and Coral Gables. Dr. Frederick also has strong ties to our Palm Beach neighbors from Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.

Breast implants can change over time and sometimes a tune up is needed. Breast revisions can include changing the size of the implant with an implant exchange, re-positioning of the breast implant, doing a breast lift over the implant, replacement of a ruptured implant, removal of the capsule, fat grafting and many more variations. Browse through our collection of breast revision before and after photos below.

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