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Meet Our Staff

Lauren Strong

Lauren Strong

Patient Care Coordinator

Lauren Strong is our Patient Care Coordinator. She has over five years of dedicated experience in plastic surgery.

As your first point of contact, Lauren is your advocate in providing positive and exceptional quality care. She is deeply committed to ensuring every patient’s journey is seamless, supportive, and tailored to their unique needs.

Lauren will assist in developing your personalized care plan to ensure that you receive the best possible surgical experience from initial consultation to the final picture.
We are thrilled to have Lauren as a member of the LeSpa plastic surgery team.

Maria Correa

Maria Correa

Medical Assistant

With over six years of dedicated experience in the healthcare industry, Maria is a seasoned medical assistant committed to providing exceptional patient care. Her background includes working directly with patients in various medical settings, where she has honed her skills in postoperative care and transportation services.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a strong passion for helping others and ensuring that patients receive the support they need during their recovery journey. Whether it's assisting with wound care, medication management, or providing emotional support, she strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those she serves.