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Breast Lift in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Please call 754-277-4120 to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Michael Frederick also serves the surrounding Broward County towns of Weston, Hollywoood and Cooper City. We also welcome patients from the Miami area, including Aventura and Coral Gables. Dr. Frederick also has strong ties to our Palm Beach neighbors from Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that removes redundant skin and tightens surrounding tissue to create a youthful breast contour. Breast tissue changes due to aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. Regardless of the reason, the effects of gravity can cause an unflattering aesthetic to the breast profile. Patients opting for a breast lift can address this concern effectively in a simple outpatient procedure. This corrective surgery rebuilds your self-confidence by providing optimized and elevated contours. Dr. Michael Frederick of Le Spa Plastic Surgery is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale. He utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to provide patients with excellent results for their breasts. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation or call our office at Le Spa Plastic Surgery at (754) 277-4120.


About Breast Lifts

Over time, the body changes. Breast tissue begins to lose fat as a result of estrogen reduction. This can lead to many aesthetic changes to the body, including sagging, flattening, or shrinkage. Furthermore, childbirth induces permanent changes to the breast tissue, nipples, and surrounding area. Unwanted stretching of the skin can cause fat tissue to sag and lose its overall shape. Unlike an augmentation procedure, a breast lift can correct this by addressing the shape of the breast, not size. [1] And if they’re combined, they can provide better results

Le Spa Plastic Surgery

f you’re considering this procedure, you’re not alone. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast lifts have grown 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-to-1.[2] A simple breast lift surgery removes excess skin, strengthens remaining tissue, and relocates the breasts and nipple (if needed) for a shapelier silhouette. A breast lift can also help with:

  • Sagging, asymmetrical breasts
  • Prominent nipple projection
  • Disproportionate size in areolas
  • Unbalanced breast profile


A breast lift procedure provides women with better shape and symmetry that complements their overall appearance. Other advantages include:

  • Redefines the shape and positioning of the breasts
  • Provides an attractive, natural-looking breast contour
  • Lessens irritation caused by extra skin
  • Access to increased clothing options

Ideal Candidates

Candidates wanting to restore the ideal dimensions to their bodies are eligible for a breast lift. Ideal candidates should also meet these requirements:


The most critical element in getting breast lift surgery is good health. Patients with serious health conditions such as bleeding and clotting disorders, or deep vein thrombosis, may not be good candidates. Similarly, women undergoing breast cancer treatment should seek a different option for breast reconstruction. A medical history, physical examination, and mammogram may be ordered to ensure patients are fit to undergo surgery and anesthesia. Ideal candidates who smoke will be asked to stop throughout the process until they have fully recovered. 


Life events such as significant weight loss or pregnancy can be a sincere joy. But, unfortunately, they may alter the aesthetics of the breasts. They may lose volume, become unshapely, or stretched. A breast lift will remove excess tissue and raise the profile to a higher position on the chest.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Frederick

Dr. Michael Frederick is an innovative surgeon that combines his world-class Harvard education with a discerning eye to achieve the best results. He finds it incredibly rewarding to provide plastic surgery services to his patients because of the immense effects on building their self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. 

We’ll take the time to understand your ideal aesthetic and concerns at your consultation. If you’re a new patient, welcome! We’ll ask you a few questions regarding your health as a part of the intake process. Dr. Frederick will then examine your breasts and evaluate your skin’s elasticity. After we’ve finalized an approach, we’ll describe how a breast lift procedure will provide a brand new look for your silhouette. Finally, we’ll finish the consultation by providing patients with a personalized list of pre-surgery instructions. 

Schedule your one-on-one meeting with Dr. Frederick at Le Spa Plastic Surgery. Call us at (754) 277-4120 or schedule an appointment online


Your pre-surgical instructions contain a few items to take care of before your appointment. This ensures you recover properly and achieve the best results possible. We’ll advise our patients to take care of the following:

  • Tobacco: Patients should stop smoking both before and after their surgery date and recovery. Consuming these products is known to constrict blood flow and complicate your healing ability. 
  • Medications: Pick up prescriptions made by Dr. Frederick. Conversely, pause your current medication intake, including certain blood thinners and anti-inflammatories. 
  • Transportation: Arrange to have a ride pick you up after your surgery. Anesthesia may impair your ability to drive.
  • Work: Take 1-2 weeks off from work so you can recuperate properly. 


Before your surgery begins, we’ll administer general anesthesia to ensure comfort. Dr. Frederick will move forward with your breast lift based on the specifications of your treatment plan. Here’s what your procedure may look like:


This procedure is recommended to women with minor sagging. The crescent lift method makes a small incision running halfway around the top of the areola to remove a crescent-shaped piece of skin. [1] This specific procedure provides increased volume and firmness and raises the nipple to a flattering position.


Patients with mild cases of lax skin will also benefit from this method. An incision is made around the areola in a donut or circular manner. [1] This particular method can be easily combined with breast augmentation when adjusting the size of the areola.


Corrections to moderate forms of sagging can be addressed with a vertical lift. This method makes two incisions that resemble a lollipop. One incision is made along the areola’s border; the other is made vertically from the bottom of the areola to the breast fold. Dr. Frederick will remove unnecessary tissue and sculpt a better breast profile.


In patients with larger breasts an incision along the inframammary crease (where the underside of the breast meets the torso) is required to remove the excess skin after the breast tissue is restructured and shaped. This results in a T-shaped incision or anchor shape at the bottom. In this process, the tissue from the bottom portion of the breast is removed and and the tissue is pushed towards the top to create upper pole fullness and pull in tissue from the side.  Unlike the traditional “Wise pattern” this modern technique limits the size of the bottom incision. Dr. Frederick’s goal is always to limit the size of this incision as much as possible.

Recovery and Results

Recovery from a breast lift may look different for everyone. However, be prepared for mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness for the first 3-4 days. To calm the discomfort, take the medications as directed by Dr. Frederick. We encourage you to rest and preserve your energy during this time. You should be able to return to work and light activity within a week but wait another 3-4 weeks to continue strenuous work. Dr. Frederick may give you a support bra to wear for six weeks to protect your results. 

An enhanced breast shape can be seen once surgery ends. Continued results of a shapelier breast silhouette will begin to show once the symptoms above subside.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

Patients interested in a breast lift may be interested in other breast procedures that can be performed separately or combined with your lift procedure. Dr. Frederick may recommend the following produces:

  • Breast Augmentation with Lift: Combining these two procedures easily provides a comprehensive makeover for the breasts. An augmentation will add volume to the breasts with implants, and a lift will align the breast profile to a better position on your chest.
  • Breast Revision / Reconstruction: A revision/reduction is another procedure for patients looking to decrease the size of their breast profile and adjust the breasts to a better position on the chest.

Cost of a Breast Lift in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your scheduled consultation with Le Spa Cosmetic Surgery will discuss anticipated costs for your procedure. Your circumstances and additional procedures may influence the pricing of a breast procedure. Our dedicated staff will direct you to the right financial tools available at our office. 



No. Both procedures may change the look of the breasts, but they solve two different problems. Because of loose, lax breast tissue, a breast lift repositions the breast mass to a higher perch on the chest wall. Breast augmentation increases the dimension of the breasts with implants. Both procedures complement each other and can be performed simultaneously. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Frederick will determine which treatment(s) is suitable for you. 


Many women can breastfeed after a lift procedure. The surgery does not usually affect the milk duct and nerves. Every woman is different, however. To learn more about pregnancy after your breast lift, consult your general practitioner. 


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